Sunday, February 14, 2010

15 days absent, yet again. Mary Jo had mentioned that Spokanians are fond of going out publically in the jammies and fuzzy slippers. I'd noticed this, too, but MJ inspired me to document these oddities, which I did....but now I can't get the pics off my we're on to other topics until I can get thise pics downloaded. Anyhoo, look at who showed up at the Lawrenceville show last week!!

That's right IT'S THE EVOS, Dale and Ellen!! What a treat to see them. They'd been a staple at the shows for as long as I'd been around, and we've all missed them greatly. Love you guys! We had some fun walking down Memory Lane, and Ellen had "the rest of the story" from a night in Daytona Beach when they damn near killed me...and THEN laughed at me!! It's a LONG, albeit it humerous, story, so I'll save it for another time. Rubber has been my life this last week -- packing for three shows. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's what used to be a living room. The box in the back is raw rubber that sits next to the pellet stove to keep it warm enough to press.

We're headed for California tomorrow evening. Eye checkup for me in Fresno, tax man in Cambell, then up to Vallejo for the show next weekend. Then we swing by Fort Bragg to finally fetch some of my stuff that was in storage there for 7, yes SEVEN years ago!! Adrien is coming back with us for a visit, so he'll help with the driving 'cause we have to get back here for my flight to ABQ Wednesday afternoon. It's a tightly chorographed couple of weeks. so I have NO idea when I can post again.