Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just say No to Donuts.
Ummmm, donuts, I love them all.
As the sun was rising on our recent marathon run from California to Spokane, I stopped at a 7-11 for a dose of caffeine. They were unloading the morning's donut delivery, including apple fritters -- warm, soft in the middle, deep-fried-crunchy on the outside -- yummy. I know that donuts and I do not do well, but I thought that under the extreme conditions of driving, the sugar/caffeine combo might just do the trick, and I was just going to eat half. Yeah, right. Well, next time I want a donut, tell me NO, and when I say that I want to give them just one more chance, tell me NO, NO. As the morning progressed, I finished my half, and as Creighton opted to pass, I eventually ate his half, too. No surprise there....but the lack of sleep, sugar, fat, caffeine had a bad effect such as I have never experienced without the fun of alcohol. So please, next time I'm about to stray, please tell me NO. Although I would forgive them in an instant, they are not my friends.

Friday, May 15, 2009

While I've been jet-setting between both coasts to the Syracuse and West Sprngfield conventions, Creighton has been busy moving us up the evolutionary ladder from hunters and gathers to sedentary farmers.Tomatos, Cucumbers and Cosmos
Blueberries, Gooseberries and Batman

Next we'll start working with metals, building temples and developing a system of writing LOL
You'd think that I'd have something more enlightening to share after two weeks of no posts, but, alas no, I might regress later and come up with something interesting, but tonight I am digging in the the bank vault of Funny Pics for this most amusing, super life-size(and bizarre IMHO) photo from the wall of the hotel where I stayed durng the the show in Holland last month....

I guess their faces just didn't rate inclusion???
OK, it WAS a Sports Hall, but still...... :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tatoo at the Sacramento show, and a banana slug from the Santa Cruz mountains.
California road trip was finished with a Grateful Dead concert in the Bay Area, and a Back-to-Bataan marathon drive home to press rubber for an urgent order. Heading out again in the morning for the Puyallup show.
If you can't make the Puyallup do-dah, check out the many vendors participating in the Rubber Stamp Chat Virtual Convention this weekend. This link should get you there....or at least close


Friday, May 8, 2009

The journey continues...We've been down to the Bay Area for the ZNE conference last week (high booth fees and very poorly attended. I know that the northern Bay Area has a huge stamping population and those stampers should be eager for a show, as San Mateo was cancelled in Feb, but I saw only a few people from previous shows. Never did meet the coordinator, but I could hear her hawking 50% sales at her booth on Sunday :-( ). Then we were off to Fresno for a few days with my family, and this afternoon, back up to Sacramento for the Stamp In the Hand show tomorrow. I'm backed up to Teresa (Paula Best), and across from Kate and Robert (Invoke Arts), so it should be a fun time.

Home Sweet Home for the next two days at the Sacramento Expo RV Park. Not much on ambiance (aside from the tree), but we have a strong Internet connection for uploading pics, electricity, water, and very nice showers.....and the asphalt will keep dirt off the dogs' feet, so NO complaints. I'll be tucked in bed tonight with my knitting and a DVD. I found the complete first season of HBO's Carnivale in a discount bin shortly before this trip started, and I plan to watch it all this week.