Friday, December 31, 2010

A big mug of gingerbread coffee with FROTH! Thanks, Karen, for thinking of me; what a happy surprise! Happy Birthday to me, and Happy New Year to everyone!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I got some HTML written and reasonably de-bugged this morning, so I celebrated the rest of the day making a really big mess in my studio.

Yikes! It looks even worse in the pic :-(. The doll is coming along pretty well -- just need another run the Joann's tomorrow for more ribbon -- I should have dyed the entire doll black first. The big, round balls are Styrofoam covered with gel medium and newspaper that will eventually be decorated and stuck on the top of the bedposts. I'd considered doll heads, but that was a bit too creepy, so I'll put big feathered crows on the tops, instead (Michael's 70% Halloween discount LOL). I'll post if/when one is completed.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I was up tonight anyway, so I drug out the camera and tripod for a pic of the lunar eclipse, but by the time I figured out how to do a long exposure and got everything set up, the clouds rolled in and blocked the I took a picture of a candle.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The snow is falling again, and I'm really enjoying my time at home. I'll be posting some of the projects I've started, and maybe even a couple that I've finished. I went to Stamp Club last night, and made these ornaments....
They're made with heavy watercolor paper that's soaked in water for a minute, then several Adirondack ink colors dripped on it and and left to spread. Then a think layer of Golden bead paste is spread with a pallette, and topped with silver glitter. I forgot to make the hanging holes at the beginning, but they were easy to do later with my handy-dandy Japanese hole punch.

This was a doll that belonged to Creighton's sister, Lynnea, and generously passed to me. Wish I'd taken a "before" pic, but didn't think of it in time, so here's a midway pic. I'm not too sure about the face right now. It may need to be re-done when the rest is finished. I used a Sharpie oil pen, and didn't have as much conotrol as I expected going over the face high and low areas. Maybe having the picture out of focus is a Good Thing--LOL.The body is covered with various ribbons glued on with Fray-Stop.
More project pics to follow.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're back from a week in Kansas for an early Christmas with Creighton's family. His parents plan to move closer to his sister in a few months, so he spent most of his time sorting a lifetime of possessions, while I uselessly watched, made inappropriate co0mments, or wisely worked on new designs and socks.

The trip to Belize was a success, so I expect we'll be making an GPS training trip back, hopefully before the show circuit starts again. Here's the last plane going from Belize City to Placencia....

And here's the view of the cockpit from my seat. Great fun to watch all the dials!

We've gotten more snow since, but I got my Flamingos In The Snow pic before they are covered completely LOL

And last but not least, just when you think it can't get any worse, here's Mary Kay at Scott's Rubber Stamp Expo show in Denver.

Yup, there was a booth selling coffins, with little display models...sigh.....