Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home from Pennsauken. $-250 revenue, 6875 miles, 32 travel hours, 7 legs, 5 delayed flights, 1 missed connection, 1 mountain.

Nuf said about the weekend.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Geez, back in another airport, this time on my way to the Pennsauken show. Does it seem to you that I'm ALWAYS in airports? Sure feels that way to me. Since last posting, I've been down to Phoenix for the Art Unraveled show. All the ladies seemed to have a good time in the classes -- one of these years I'm going to treat myself to classes, also, but not this time. I got an AARP discount at the hotel, which included several drink coupons, so Paula and I shared them at the bar Saturday evening. It was nice to have a relaxing chat, as most of the time we're running in our out of the shows, with only time for "hi" and a hug. And Paula had spare breakfast coupons for me, so both ends of the day were covered. I thought it pleasantly wierd that AARP folks got the drinks but no breakfast, but that suited me better, anyway.
My Photoshop is on the fritz, and the cropping tool won't work, so I still haven't been able to post the felted bowl after Teresa got it to shrink. In the meantime, I've finished a display box for the booth, and started another Christmas present bowl. Pics in due time.
Otherwise it's been a mostly a mundane week of pressing and trimming rubber. We finally got one of the kitchen curtains up. It's taken two months, so I'd guess that project will be completed by Christmas if I keep up the current balance of whining/bitching.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm finally home from Novi, and already have next month's Pet Peeve on traveling. I don't understand why people deliberately crowd in boarding lines. Do they really think they're going to get there any faster? And what next? Thirteen items in the twelve items checkout line? What anarchy! ANARCHY, I tell you!! But the rest of that story next month...
None of you knew, or probably cared, that C and I been coveting a camper for a LONG time. After endless shopping, the stars aligned today, and we found the Perfect Camper right here in Spokane.

The GPS antenna on the top, and the Ashtech sign are in honor of the Z-12 receiver -- the finest GPS receiver ever made. Also, today we were hired back to Magellan as GPS consultants...so it was an auspicious day in two ways.
You'll notice the Christmas lights left by the previous owners. Leaving lights up all year appears to be a Spokane tradition. Some even turn them on every night. I kinda like the idea that every day is a celebration. Reminds me of an old Rosanne Barr skit where she says that if she gets to the end of the day and the kids are still alive, she's done OK. I can relate to that.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Well, I'm sitting in the Detroit airport after the Novi show. I had a chance to voluntarily give up my early morning seat in exchange for another free round-trip ticket (at current prices, this is quite a prize. Most tickets are in the $500-$600 bracket)...but I'm here for most of the day. Can't post the pic, but Teresa did magic with my crocketed bowl, and it's beautiful. I'll post the pic soon.

So that leaves us with just dialog. I've been wanting to start a Pet Peeve of the Month, and this seems like a good time to start it -- no pic and in an airport; not pissed yet, but it's probably just a matter of time....and I'll be here for HOURS. It could easily be PP of the Week, but my New Year's resolution this year was to be a nicer person, so I set a tighter limit. I actually kept the resolution for about 6 days before I seriously want to bitch-slap someone, but, I didn't whack her, so it doesn't count.

You'll find that most of my peeves have something to do with traveling ( airports, hotels, convention center personnel, the all-powerful, get-them-out-of-the-gene-pool, your-tax-dollars-at-work TSA security), and this month we're going to start with Airport Baggage Claim Ediquette (which I can't spell--sure doesn't *look* right, anyway). Wouldn't it be nice if everyone just stood back from the carousel and waited until they spotted their luggage, and THEN approached to take it. Crowding around while your luggage hasn't even been unloaded isn't going to make it arrive any sooner. And when I can see mine, but you're in the way, so I'm jogging along in the background looking for a break in the mass of people so I can grab my luggage, it makes me cranky. And let's discuss the rugrats that also line up at the carousel along with mom and dad. It doesn't take all of you to get the bag. Really. And they don't need to pat each bag with a sticky fingers benediction as it passes. You might they're cute, but I don't. Finally, I'm probably tired, and most certainly cranky, and I'm trying to lift a 50-pound bin off the carousel. I'll try to not doink you or the kiddies, but I might not try too hard. So, next time you're getting your luggage, please keep these thoughts in mind, because ya never know, it could be ME next to you. LOL
Wow, I feel better. How long until next month :-)


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Looks like Batman tripped getting out of bed, and then didn't have the energy to get up. Ah, what a Dog's Life.
I was going to tell the yarn story first today, but 1)Paula beat me to it, and 2) in the meantime, Mary Kay was kind enough to send me a pic of my clothes abandoned in her dryer.

Yup, I'm sure it was a kind gesture...hey, wait a minute...was that a jab? OUCH! Yeah, it sure feels like a jab LOL
Anyway, back to the yarn story. I haven't been interested in yarn since about 25 years ago when I made 50 granny squares for an afgan, and then didn't have the temperment to deal with stitching all those wretched squares together. Too bad I didn't know 50 mice to gift with little afgans. Well, a couple of months ago Paula and Teresa, especially Teresa, innocently introduced me to felted knitting/crocheting, and unleashed to yarn money on my back. Thus far I've crocheted two bowls. Here's one before the felting .

It looked pretty much the same afterwards -- it got fuzzy, but didn't shrink...so it's too floppy. Ditto on bowl number two. Ya know what they say about people who keep repeating the same failed procudure and expect to get diferent results.... Teresa currently has bowl #2 to see if she can get it to shrink.
These were made with Walmart and Joann's wool, so no big loss...however, the Dallas Yarn Frenzy has me stocked with high dollar yarns to screw up. Teresa, I'm counting on you :-)

Paula already posted our pic, but mine doesn't chop off Teresa LOL. It's me, Mary Kay, Paula and Teresa.

Next time I need to remember to stuff a hank of yarn under my chin. Hell, I might just have to carry one all the time. :-)
Paul's already described our day on her blog http://www.blogger.com/www.paulabestsilver.com/blog, and it's much better than I could do. We all had a grand time, and came away with great, albeit pricey, treasures.