Monday, May 28, 2007

Here I am in Pampas, TX. Didn't hear from any of you, so I guess there aren't any stampers here. No surprise; there's not much...and flat enough to see the curvature of the earth. I took a couple of pics, but don't know how to do a mobile upload, so they'll have to wait until I get home. I went through Denver this trip. It's always bit of a bump and jiggle because of the mountain thermals, and this time I was in a 16-seat, two-prop plane going through thunderclouds -- way too much of an E ticket ride for me. Two times some sort of beeping alarm sound came from the cockpit (kinda like a school fire alarm), and once there was continuous blaring sound, similar to an evacuation alarm. Whatever they were, I was very glad to be back on terra firma. I fly 100,000+ miles a year, and I still have a panic attack every time the slightest perceived "irregularity" occurs.
I have a few new images this week that I'll post on the New Images page.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm back from Puyullap. It ws my first drive across Washington. I suppose that eventually it will become more mundane, but it was a beautiful and varied drive that surprised me. It started with rolling hills of pine trees west of Spokane, then endless plains through the middle of the state, then sorta like high desert, then across the Columbia River and up past forests and lakes across the Snoqualmie Pass. I intended to take pics on the drive back, but it poured rain most of the trip, and besides, I was like the mule heading for the barn, and focused on getting back home. I'm sure I'll be back again.
I'm glad to say that Cosmos is much better. Here he is expressing displeasure over his fine "elizibethan collar" (LOL),

but he has discovered the joy of pills buried in bits of hot dog. His little brother, Batman

pays VERY close attention to the hot dog bits, and when one (containing the pain pill for an 80 lb. dog) bounced off Cosmos' nose, he grabbed it up like the little snake that he is. He spent most of the day sleeping it off on the couch.
I'm back to wearing my GPS hat. I'll be doing some training in Pampa, Texas next week, so if anyone is near there and wants to get together next Monday evening, beam me an email.
Thanks for the get-well posts. I read them to Cosmos, and he thought they were mighty fine.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

OK, I'm ready to try posting a pic. Today we feature Cosmos Moose because he's had a rough day, and could use some Happy Thoughts sent his way. We have a temporary roommate who unexpectedly brought his dog along -- part pittbull, need I say more? :-( and there was some disagreement over butt sniffing, and poor Cosmos ended up on the short end of the stick. He's happily medicated tonight, but is going to have a few uncomfortable days...and the other dog will be spending the rest of his visit in doggie jail....AND Creighton will be staying home with Cosmos this weekend, so I'll be at Puyullap by myself. Will someone please come by and say Hi?? Ok, enough whining. Hopefully, here's Cosmos on a happier day. See how he's guarding my bins for a stamp show? Such a good dog. VBG

Monday, May 14, 2007

Well, the test page worked, but I can't delete it, so I've forever documented my PC insecurity and lack of dedication to task. I hope God loves a procrastinator. The epiphany was leaving my M-F job of 13 years and moving to Spokane, Washington. It was a hard decision to make, but it feels like we're starting a brand new stage of it seemed a perfect time to start a blog.
This week we've been frantically pressing rubber for the St. Paul, MN and Puyullap, WA shows, and intermittantly painting the living room. I'll be at Puyullap this weekend with my booth and Stamp Camp, and MaryKay (Stamp Camp) will run my booth at St. Paul. Please stop by and say Hi if you're coming to Puyullap, and check in with MaryKay if you're at the St. Paul show. She might like a break or a bit of conversation.
Soon I'll be posting pics of the Lost Coast Design team, the critters, and whatever else I find amusing/intriguing.
Thanks for stopping by.