Friday, January 2, 2009

New Stuff and a Class
Most of the mag plates for my new designs arrived today, and are posted on my website, A few are on the New! pages, and a completely new series, Die-Cut Divas, has a link at the top of the New! page. They'll all be at the Grapevine show next weekend.
Also at Grapevine, I'll be teaching a 2- hour class on some simple techniques for assembling shrines/tryptics/ accordian books. Here are some examples of what we'll be doing...

It's Friday afternoon at the show venue. I can't get the hot link to work, but if you go to and click on the Grapvine show, the next page has the list of classes and links to register.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Search for the Best Black Varigated Sock Yarn in the World.
I wanted to make a pair of socks for Mary Kay, and she only wears black, so for several months, I'm been on the lookout for a nice black varitaged yarn. Who would'a thought this would become a major issue, but it did, so I was delighted when I found The Perfect Yarn.

I loved the dark teal colors, but boy was I surprised when I'd done about 4" of the leg. The wretched yarn is CAMOFLAGE. Down inside the skein, under the beautiful teals/blacks is BROWN! :-( And the lacy, delicate pattern I'd selected was really at odds with the camo colors. Couldn't think of any man who would wear such a sock, and I'm sure MK is not going to appreciate camo (although she did say she was going to a gun show last week -- not good enough reason to continue), so I just smiled at my silliness and ripped it all out. I do wish I'd taken a pic, but it was one of the moments when you take a big breath, shut your eyes, and RIP. Thus continues the Black Yarn Search Saga....