Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still no Finland pics, but I did locate these of early progress in the livingroom redecoration. The pellet stove is working lovely. There's a lot to be said for a thermostat, heat blower, and push-button power. Can't say that I miss all that choppin' and a-haulin' of fiewood. The stove even has a bit of flame for that romantic ambiance LOL

Installing the floor has been a longer ordeal. The crew just wan't up to their usual enthusiam.

Yes, Cosmo was back in his not-so-stylish Elizebethan Collar. He'd taken a bit of a slider on his bum, and simply wouldn't leave it alone....but he's fine now.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I wanted to post some dog and floor pics today. Couldn't find them, but came across this video that I think is worth sharing, so I figure that Thanksgiving Day is a perfect time for a cat joke, so here ya'll go....

Dear Printer Repair-Man: Please come to my house and check my printer. Every time I use the printer - and I am away while it prints - my papers are wrinkled, even shredded. Sometimes the ink is blurred. I hope that you can find the problem!! Sincerely, Concerned Computer Owner

Dear Concerned Computer Owner: While you were gone today, I checked your printer, and I found your problem. Please click on the attachment for the answer. Sincerely, Your Printer Repair-Man

Happy Turkey Day from Linda, Creighton, and the Critters

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm at the Madison, WI airport on my winding way home from the last show of the year. Everyone I know is either asleep or on a plane, so I have some quiet moments to catch up on blogging. Fog delays, and I'm missing my connection, so today I'll be eventually visiting Denver and Seattle in route to Spokane. I made United's 1K tier last week, so at least I'll be able to walk down the red carpet three times. LOL
I'm glad to be going home, but it was sad to be saying "see you next year" and "Happy Holidays" to all my BFFs. I'll miss you all greatly.
I'd been holding off on a post until I had some funny luggage pics taken in Helsinki but they're on Mary Kay's camera. I thought they really represented our lives, so they'll be here as soon soon as she gets them downloaded. Meanwhile here's a pic from my collection of Surprise Photos -- the ones you didn't know you took.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

By now, the Albuquerque show two weeks ago is just a pleasant memory, but I wanted to post some pics of students and projects for a class I taught at China Phoenix 2.

Since then, Mary Kay and I pioneered a huge Arts and Crafts Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Pics to follow when I get them from Mary Kay. I'm back briefly to repack and do laundry, and leave tomorrow for the Carson show. I'm stuck out in the Garden area, so please come look for me.
And for those of you that have had difficulty posting comments, I made some changes to the permissions, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.