Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Home again, home again. Pets are alive and the house isn't burned down, so it's about as good as we dare hoped.
The storm was fun, but not as dramatic as we'd hoped. Took a few pics, but they just looked like a grey day, and didn't capture the wind/wave/rain sounds. It pretty much passed through by mid-morning, just leaving the pool a mess and the ocean bottom too stirred up for good snorkeling.
So it's time again for...Ta-Da...Pet Photos Day!!

"I am the alien canine Cosmos the Omnipotent sending a Vulcan mind-meld to the puny humans. I want left-overs. Lots of left-overs. No more of that nasty dried kibble...and also, round-the-clock petting, scratching and walkies. Pay no attention to the inferior rat dog below."

"Yeah, right, Goof Boy".
We're taking the Scotty camper on it's maiden voyage tomorrow afternoon. Just 30 miles north of Spokane to a Bluegrass Festival, but it's our first chance to explore the area since we moved here in March. I'm taking a couple of banjo and mandolin workshops. Hope to post some pics here when we get back.


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