Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well, I'm back in an airport, again This time in Chicago, headed for Point Sunlight, England for a stamp show. Seems that the airport is the only place I'm captive and take the time to post...unfortunately I don't have an SD card slot or reader, so can never post pics....and then when I get home, I either don't get around to uploading, or just forget about it entirely, i.e., my bluegrass festival pics.
This week has been another whirlwind. C, the Batman and I drove to the Portland Art & Show last Saturday night. We hauled the Scotty along, and spent both nights in a campground along the Columbia River about 30 miles east of Portland -- much more fun than yet another over-priced hotel. The show was surprisingly good for us, although the low expenses made the difference. It was NOT as good as last year, and I think many of the vendors did not do as well as we did. I'd been very concerned as the co-ordinator had followed the current trend -- it had been a very good show with 30 vendors, so she upped it to 60 this year.
I signed up for a knitting class through the Spokane Parks & Rec. I have no idea how many weeks it runs. I figure someone will make some closing statements some week, or I'll just show up and the place wil be dark. I'm making a felted tote, and have a lovely pic of it that I took right here at the airport...but that was before I realized I had no way to get it on the PC. sigh.
They have a new intriguing toilet at the Almiralty Club. The "rotating condom" seat covers have facinated many of us for years, but over time, they have become mundane. Now, thanks to modern technology, something else to occupy our hours between flights. These toilets, swear to GOD, have an LED display that counts down to the Flush. How kewl is that? I have pics of it, but of, course, can't upload. When and if I ever think of it at home remains to be seen.
I'll bet back from England late Sunday night, then turn right around and fly to Salt Lake City for a GPS to-do, then back Wednesday night and leave for Chatanooga Friday morning, so don't know when I'll get back here.

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