Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm back from the Riverside show. Got delayed in Portland -- flights to Spokane were canceled because of weather. They tried a few flights until a Southwest plane slid off the end of the runway. At that point, everyone gave up and closed the airport. Return flight the following day was uneventful, but the car had 15" of snow, so I had to borrow a snow shovel from the lot attendant to dig out the car. I really need to add some cold-weather items to the car -- boots, gloves, shovel.

Here's a pic of a 4' icicle hanging at the back of the house. Had to knock it off after I took the picture so the weight wouldn't pull down the gutter. Wish the pic was better. I'm not getting the quality I want, but a new camera is not in my near future.

Off to Costco in the morning to get better tires.


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