Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm sitting in the Seattle airport, on my way to SSAT's Pittsburg show. It's my first road trip in a month, and I'm really out of practice. Backpack is too heavy, I dressed in the dark, and am wearing my old flipflops, but at least I don't *think* I've forgotten anything vital.
We had bizarro weather yesterday. Steady winds at 40 MPH, with gusts to 60MPH. It was pretty kewl -- howling wind sounds and BIG tree-swaying -- but there were a number of fires caused by downed powerlines. One was up in the foothills behind our house. It was quite large -- last I heard it burned 1200 acres and 5 houses. We're about a mile away from the evacuation area, but upwind, so there was never any danger to us, but it was impressive. We drove to the site to get some pics for the blog, but I'd taken the SD card out of my camera, so once again, have nothing to show :-(
Website is STILL in transition to a new server, so the Schedule page and New images still don't load. I don't know if I should blame Mindspring or Dotster, so i think I'll just hate, hate, HATE them BOTH. Some of the new stuff will be in Pittsburg this weekend, and even more will be at Grapevine next weekend. I'm always so danged excited to have new images, and am throughly bummed that I can't get them loaded.
Hope to see some of you tomorrow!


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