Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire....da-da-de-de-da...was the plan, so we harvested the chestnuts in the backyard using everyone's favorite harvesting tools, the rake and snow shovel. Had planned on a bounty of walnuts, too, but the squirrels left us only five nuts.

So I Googled "roasting chestnuts" and carfully followed directions to make an "X" in each so the steam could escape. It's too early for a fire, so we thought we were substituting "Chestnuts Roasting in Westinghouse", but it should have been "Chestnuts Exploding in a Westinghouse".

I guess I didn't make the "Xs" deep enough. Google had not been that specific. The rest of the inner bits will have to be scraped off the walls of the oven next time I have a Domestic Moment and want to bake something. With any luck, it will all have disintegrated by then. LOL


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