Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Search for the Best Black Varigated Sock Yarn in the World.
I wanted to make a pair of socks for Mary Kay, and she only wears black, so for several months, I'm been on the lookout for a nice black varitaged yarn. Who would'a thought this would become a major issue, but it did, so I was delighted when I found The Perfect Yarn.

I loved the dark teal colors, but boy was I surprised when I'd done about 4" of the leg. The wretched yarn is CAMOFLAGE. Down inside the skein, under the beautiful teals/blacks is BROWN! :-( And the lacy, delicate pattern I'd selected was really at odds with the camo colors. Couldn't think of any man who would wear such a sock, and I'm sure MK is not going to appreciate camo (although she did say she was going to a gun show last week -- not good enough reason to continue), so I just smiled at my silliness and ripped it all out. I do wish I'd taken a pic, but it was one of the moments when you take a big breath, shut your eyes, and RIP. Thus continues the Black Yarn Search Saga....


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  1. love your winter-snow blogging. Last year i lived through your pictures and words. This year i was right there with you, we had 20"+ when you posted this!

    warm Hugs to all four of you,


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