Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just say No to Donuts.
Ummmm, donuts, I love them all.
As the sun was rising on our recent marathon run from California to Spokane, I stopped at a 7-11 for a dose of caffeine. They were unloading the morning's donut delivery, including apple fritters -- warm, soft in the middle, deep-fried-crunchy on the outside -- yummy. I know that donuts and I do not do well, but I thought that under the extreme conditions of driving, the sugar/caffeine combo might just do the trick, and I was just going to eat half. Yeah, right. Well, next time I want a donut, tell me NO, and when I say that I want to give them just one more chance, tell me NO, NO. As the morning progressed, I finished my half, and as Creighton opted to pass, I eventually ate his half, too. No surprise there....but the lack of sleep, sugar, fat, caffeine had a bad effect such as I have never experienced without the fun of alcohol. So please, next time I'm about to stray, please tell me NO. Although I would forgive them in an instant, they are not my friends.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I saw you at the Better Living Center in W. spfld., MA recently and unfortunately spent all my cash the first booth I went to, or would have purchased some of your very cool stamps. I did manage to get your business card, and will order from you on line in the future. I was looking at your photos and was wondering what that "banana slug" was. Very strange indeed! And, my son has been playing Grateful Dead music for years (he is now 45 years old) and has a band called "The Lobserz From Marz". I think they play better than the Dead by now. I noticed also, in reading your blog, that you made the Dead show. If you like, check out his blog or My Space..... His name is Buddy and he plays lead guitar. Can you tell how proud of him I am. He is self-taught, although my father-in-law was an excellent musician and played with the very well known bands in the 40's. He didn't have any patience teaching my boys, as they did not want to practice daily! It was fun chatting with you. Hope you had a safe trip home. Always. Barbara


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