Thursday, November 12, 2009

By now, the Albuquerque show two weeks ago is just a pleasant memory, but I wanted to post some pics of students and projects for a class I taught at China Phoenix 2.

Since then, Mary Kay and I pioneered a huge Arts and Crafts Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Pics to follow when I get them from Mary Kay. I'm back briefly to repack and do laundry, and leave tomorrow for the Carson show. I'm stuck out in the Garden area, so please come look for me.
And for those of you that have had difficulty posting comments, I made some changes to the permissions, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.



  1. What great projects all the ladies did! Bravo!!! They look amazing. Can't wait to see other photos you took, Linda.

    Debbie Kaste

  2. WOWZA Linda. always new you where a great Teacher :-)

    Love ya!


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