Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm home from Dallas from whole TWO weeks -- YAHHH! But here's another pic from the weekend with Mary Kay. MK's hairdresser, Robber, has fixed the hair (I really need to post the "before" pic from when I tried to cut my hair myself last Fall), and the Mac ladies have done their best on the eyes, but I really need some work on the bsasset hound jowls. MK and I were considering a binder clips under each ear, but I have a better idea -- "Will Trade Rubber for Plastic Surgery". LOL



  1. you guys are so pretty!!!!
    hey....if you get any takers on the plastic surgery trade count me in! :-)

  2. hello, just found your retail website and the links to the photos for the shrines that are for sale are not working.... just sayin...


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