Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cosmos is doing great on his three good legs. I was going to make a short video of him hopping in the backyard, but trimming/packing for Sacramento overtook the day, so we're going to feature Batman instead. He thinks he's been sorely neglected this last week. Isn't he cute??

But he apparently took exception at being left alone during one of our trips to the vet, and this is how he vented...

Best we can tell, the first 4-5 sheets of tissue came out routinely, but then the enthusiasm grew, resulting in the large flower of tissues still partly stuck inside the box. Wish I'd had a webcam running. This distraction seems to have done the trick, and he's back to his (relatively) calm self.
I'm leaving in the morning for the Sacramento show, and will post Cosmos' video when I get back.

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