Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well, I'm back from Helsinki, but Art Unraveled is right off the list. I was sitting in a Helsinki hotel Friday night reading an email from Paula (, and I quote "I'm heading off in the truck. See you later today!." Well, THAT didn't happen. Previously, I've arrived at a show for which I never sent in an application; I've purchased tickets for the wrong date (several times); I've even gone to the wrong venue; but this is a new First. As I bumble my way through the years, and across continents, I wonder just how much more incompetent I can get...and then I surprise myself. Very sorry Art Unraveled folks. I'd been collecting some very kewl stuff expecially for you, that must wait for next year.
I didn't take a camera to Helsinki because it weighed a pound (isn't THAT sad), and my phone battery is very whimsical after 18 months (gotta love (NOT!) Planned Obsolescence), so my one pic was taken by Fred and Ank ( This is one of my classes after the show.

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