Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back from Mesquite. Great to see friends after the holiday break, but on Friday I had a feeling that the show was going to be good, which unfortunately turned out to be gas. LOL ...And now after 4 days of trimming and packaging orders, I'm back to having fun with projects. Here's some of what I started during the holiday, and sometimes completed....

The styrofoam balls have their first coat, and are successfully stuck on the bed posts. They need something else, but I'm going to live with then for now, and wait for an inspiration. I tried striping the posts with electrical tape, but it's not too interesting, so I might try black polka dots next. The wierd thing behind the crow is a bunch of yarn.

I hung most of my stamp shelves. The doll is almost finished. It was harder that I expected to draw on the raised surfaces of the doll's face, so I might gesso it again and start over. The Ikea drawer thingies are painted, and one has new drawer pulls.
Later tonight it's back to the cards project.

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