Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, I'm back from the San Jose show, with a side trip to see Adrien, Dakota and my mother. I thought I'd dispense a couple of mini Darwin awards this week. The first one goes to Adrien, who had somehow tipped a hot serving spoon onto his arm.
It had a hole in the center, giving him this goofy circular burn, which he slightly humorously calls his "third eye".
The other award goes to myself, but you're spared a pic. My lips are chapped from the cold weather, and when I was packing up the boxes after the show, I bit off the end of the packing tape with my teeth, but the tape stuck to my lip and pulled off the chapped layer....duh...and OUCH! Almost as stupid as licking a cold telephone pole LOL
The weather's kinda icky for a few days, but we plan another ski day later this week, and I hope to get some funny video.

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