Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you all got to spend Thursday doing something you enjoyed. I was quasimoto-ed over my digitizer pad most of the day, but I had the last season of The Sopranos running in a split screen, so I was a happy camper (BTW, noon on Thanksgiving in NOT a fortuitous time to shop for a turkey breast). For some unknown reason, Dish blessed me with 3 months of free HBO, so I'm frantically DVR'ing anything that's currently playing (True Blood YAYYY!), and now that I'm home, marathoning through the older serieses(seria, serea?). Today is Season 3 of Deadwood. I am seriously going to miss when my 3 months are up, but I do not see Premium Channels in my crystal ball.
Here's a pic of my first felting -- first felting with the fuzzy bits, anyway, not crocheted or knitted. Mira showed me how to do it when I was in Finland, and it was so easy having her take me through the process step-by-step. The written directions always look to daunting for me to follow, and I never would have tackled felting without her help.

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