Monday, July 15, 2013

Steampunk Balloons or Montgolfières!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:

Today I would like to share these 2 cards that I made using the same "Lost Coast Designs" stamp but but with two different looks......"The Steampunk Balloons Guys" stamp!

This first card was stamped on glossy paper. Sponged with inks and then all the stamps were inked with various colors of Archival inks, a technique that I leanrt from Tim Holtz (of course!)...the effect is quite nice...

The balloons/Montgolfières, (as they are also known), are so "French" !! This image is a vintage reproduction!...
The stamp on the corner in pink ink is a somewhat reproduction of the ID card for French citizens...that is how they used to look, more or less!

CURIOUS NOTE: did you know that the "Montgolfière - style/hot air balloon" was invented by 2 French Brothers "The Montgolfière's", back in the 18th century? This stamp here (only the balloon)  is the "exact" reproduction of that first model that the brothers flew at "Versailles" in front of the King Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette!!! and since then the hot air balloons are also know as "Montgolfières" in honor of their inventors!

In this second card, The sentiment/banner is so is as well a "reproduction" of what you might find in the "old" prints on the back of the French/Canadian old postcards...

The background was first sponged with inks, then dry embossed, add gold embossing powder and last sponged more on the top with black ink ...all these steps to create this "patina" look!

If you are into French stuff, into vintage and old reproductions these stamps are for you then...I really like them and that is why I use them...they "mean" something to me, specially, teaching French and  living so many years over there ... I have always said that my "soul" belongs  to France!
and anyways I found them pretty and this particular one is perfect for cards for men!

I really encourage you to have a pick at the online catalogue!

Ok hope you have a lovely day and keep on stamping! bye for now...

Stamps used: Steampunk balloon guys , travel stuff set (for the ID stamp), Pencils background, Concentric cicles;

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