Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Hello Dear Lost Coaster Friends:

HERE Bibiana ...wishing you a...


With this Stamp background  from "Lost Coast Designs", I decided to celebrated this 4th of July!!!

This stamp is a collage background of various "Americana" icons, quite large and I only stamp part of it (the bottom part) to fit it in a regular A2 card..
but the whole stamp has:
1- The Statue of the Liberty, from New York given by the government of France to the USA (top left corner),
2- in the center we have the bottom part of the Document of the Declaration of the Independence, 1776 (with the John Hanckok signature among others)
3- and  on the top right corner we have an "americana" lady dressed with the flag,
4- and last,  on the bottom we have "Mount Rushmore", in South Dakota...

Mount Rushmore: is a sculpture carved into the mountain, into the granite, and it depicts the heads of 4 United States presidents: George Washington; Thomas Jefferson; Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

So for those fans out there of real "Americana" = (collection of artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the US)  this stamp is great!!!

Thanks for the visit 
and see you soon 
with another project using the  great stamps from LCD

stamp from "Lost coast Designs": "Americana background"

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  1. Gorgeous bibiana!!! I love the way you used all of those stamps- very inspiring!! Hope you 4th was a good one!! ")


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