Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Happy Painting

Hello Coasties!

Today I have a fun project to share I made for a lesson by Juliette Crane in the Lifebook 2015 course!

This project is on a 9x12 piece of watercolourpaper and I applied several layers of (tissue)paper and acryllic paint before I started drawing the owl ( B.t.w it was my first owl effer so very hard for me)

On the bottom part I did some journalling on the background and above that I used the Party Hat Set as some kind of pink trees.  I like using stamps for something else instead of what they actually are meant to be.

So you can see that Lost Coast Stamps can be very multifunctional too.

Here is some work in progress, at this point I really was thinking of throwing it away, I didn't like it at all :(

Thanks for watching and I hope this example gives you a little bit of inspiration if you want to use your stamps in a different way.

xx Esther

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