Wednesday, September 14, 2016

And You Think You Look Different?

Hi all!  It's Nan with a stamp fellow I have felt a kindred spirit with from day one I say him!  In a cookie cutter world, he is like me an odd duck and I love that!  He has an official name "Face with Tongue" at Lost Coast Designs but I have always called him Tongue Guy and he likes that name, too!  So by the colors I used you can tell what I am in the mood for and getting all ready, black, mystery....Halloween, anyone?

Still lots of time to get in on our "Anything Goes" Challenge at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity; these are the greatest cause anything goes :)  And keep in touch with the Portal for all the fabulous upcoming events we have around the corner!  I wouldn't miss it for the world and you shouldn't either!  Share the fun I say so come see us and find out all the ways to win goodies from our stores!

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