Monday, March 3, 2008

In Memory of Ralphie

When Dakota was about two years old, I was tasked to take care of a neighbor's cat for a couple of weeks while they were on holiday, so twice I day, Dakota and I would check on their cat -- feed, water, etc. The cat's name was Ralphie. Ralphie was a Siamese cat, and not especially friendly, bur Dakota was quite taken with her. When the neighbors returned, Dakota didn't understand why he wasn't seeing Ralphie everyday. Every cat he saw would set off cries for the "Ralphie", so I knew that a cat was in our future. A kitten wasn't suitable for a small boy, so I started looking around for an adult cat...and that's when our Ralphie entered our world. She was a special cat, really more like a dog. She loved to be around people, and she had the patience to let a small boy haul her around all day.
Ralphie left us last week, and made her way over the Rainbow Bridge. She is missed by all that knew her. I hope that she is happily chasing butterflies through a field of daisies, where the sun always shines and the food dish is never empty.


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  1. linda...i'm so sorry about ralphie. she was beautiful...such a sweet pic of she and dakota. it's so hard to loose these little furry family sad. my thoughts are with you...take care, paula


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