Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's been another whirlwind couple of weeks. We had a booth at the ACSM national surveying conference that was held here in Spokane, so had a number of business and friend guests visiting, which meant that we actually had to Clean the House (GASP!). I'm never, or at least hardly ever, going to complain about stamp show hours again. This one went from 9am - 7:30pm for three days. One of the guests was Dave Huff, a surveying friend from Mississippi. We couldn't let him leave without a visit to the snow, so we hauled him and the dogs up to the local state park one not-so-balmy afternoon. Besides the cold emp, it was very windy, so I basically booted them out for the Kodak moment, and then everybody rushed back to the car.

Batman and Cosmos thought it was mighty fine, but you can see how danged happy Creighton and Dave were....NOT! LOL
Then I was off to Portland for an Heirloom stamp show. Portland is always a special weekend -- lots of shopping at yarn stores, of course the mandatory stop at Powell's bookstore, and our favorite fat-filled, sodium-encrusted Guilty Pleasure, salt and pepper chicken. We get it at a quasi-oriental restaurant that Mary Kay and I discovered one year when we seriously budgetted the motel, and stayed at the ThriftyLodge on Burnside. Can't recommend the motel, but this restaurant is next door, and we've been going back every year since. The seats are all cracked green vinyl, with duct tape repairs and tufts of stuffing coming out, and I've never seen anyone else eating there -- big attraction is the bar -- but, man, can they fry up a good batch of chicken pieces.
I'll be posting some of my yarn treasures soon.


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