Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well, here I am in Zeist, and my luggage is (no shit) in ITALY! Seems that the Queen showed up last week and opened a new Terminal 5 at Heathrow, and no luggage through there has been seen since. Everyone in Europe knew about this, and it's been an extensive source of TV comic routines. Unfortunately, US travellers were not informed, So I'm still wearing the outfit I started in last Thursday. The lovely (if I say so myself, which I DO) bowls pictured previously were gifts for friends, and are also now in Italy, along with a carton of ciggies and a few other presents. I'm told that all mis-routed luggage was sent by train to Italy because they have the best automated luggage management system. Yeah, right. It will be interesting to see what the Italians return to me.

Besides the missing clothing and presents, the luggage also contained a lot of stamp re-stock, all the new designs, sample boards, and the GD'ed cover sheets. The Curse of the Missing Cover Sheets lives on, and once again we were frantically begging paper and stamp pads to make some cover sheets. Thanks to Heidi and Doris, we made covers for about 1/2 the images, and salvaged the show, so I didn't lose money....and I got to spend a wonderful weekend with old friends, as well as made some new friends. Marion loaned me a T-shirt, and another lovely lady donated another shirt to the Cause. And another lady gave me a BEAUTIFUL Nederlands tin filled with toiletries and a pair of socks. Soon I'll forget how upset I was about the missing sample boards and cover sheets, but I'll always remember these generous women and their kind efforts to improve my day. It surely worked.

Also on the Bright Side is the Hollander breakfast, which includs personal-sized boxes of chocolate flakes, which are to be sprinkled on buttered bread. Gotta love a country that starts their day with guilt-free chocolate!! For me, I just rip the top off and chug it down LOL.

I can't get the pics to upload tonight, so they'll have to wait until I get home.


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  1. Hi Linda,

    What a terrible situation with the Luggage! Is it back yet? Glad I could help you out with a T-shirt, you must be so glad to wear nice clean clothes again!!

    About the litte chocolate sprinkles, we call it : HAGELSLAG and there are a lot of women in Holland who put the box directly to their mouth, especially when it's that time of the month ;-)

    Anyway, I just came by to read how you are doing, and I'll be following your weblog in the future!


    Tessa (Tegendraads)


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