Friday, April 25, 2008

For those of you that haven't discovered Crazy Aunt Purl, you REALLY need to visit her blog at (sorry the link isn't working) and read her April 24 post on forgetting attachments. This one reminded me of a time that upper management sent an email to the hordes of unwashed employees announcing a pot-luck Christmas party (THEY had a party in a San Fran penthouse and THEY all got cases of Dom Perignon AND bonuses, but WE had to bring a dish), so I forwarded it with a snippy email asking if we, the unwashed, were each getting a Christmas bonus frozen turkey (no lie, they'd passed out coupons for frozen turkeys the previous year), and I accidentally sent it back to the upper management suit. They didn't bother to reply LOL. Anyway, CAP's posts are little pearls of humor that never fail to bring a smile or two. I wish I could write even a bit as well as her, but I also wish I was 25, thin and rich, and ya'll know those haven't happened, so I'm not holding my breath re: any growth in writing skills. Anyway, I like to save her posts for times that I'm stranded in airports, and guess what, that's where I am. again. I've been on the road since last Saturday, and am in the middle of a three-week odyssey. I started from Spokane to San Jose, then Belize (yup, BELIZE!) to do some GPS training, then back to San Jose for my own GPs training, and now on the way to Akron.
The Belize part was SO kewl, and even better 'cause I got PAID for it. I spent three days in a Mennonite community training them to use GPS equipment to make maps. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity -- much more fun that the usual training gig. Pics will have to wait until I get home.
So back to the present. Somewhere in the Midwest a drop of rain has fallen, and my flight to Cleveland this afternoon has been cancelled. Instead of getting to Akron in time for a bit of set-up, I'll be hauling my sorry ass into the Akron Motel 6 around midnight. Do I feel sorry for myself? Damn right!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow in Akron. I'll be the one asleep under the table.

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