Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A loyal Lost Coaster wrote to me this morning because my convention schedule didn't look quite right. Well, she was correct, and while checking it, I found a few GLARING errors, that I MUST GET FIXED TODAY. So...if you've been thinking that I'm coming to your town, please check again -- especially you folks in West Springfield and Colorado. W. Springfield is definately out, as is Loveland, CO. We're still on the fence re: Colorado Springs. And to top it off, I have the wrong date for Novi, MI; it's been moved to Aug 16-17. On the positive side, I will be in Pittsburg July 12-13. Other than that, the list is correct. Sigh. My friend, Kim will be running the booth for me in Orlando, so please stop by and tell her she's doing a TERRIFIC JOB. I'll be back there myself next year. MaryKay and I are going to say a couple of extra days and ride rollercoasters till we puke.

And because no days is complete without a dog wearing a bowl on his head......heeerrreeee's BATMAN!!!!

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