Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've gotten very behind in my blog, yet again. I've been on the road. Since Belize, I've back and forth to San Jose between shows in Akron, Ohio, and Hampton, Virginia, and a side trip to see family in Fresno -- all with limited access to the Internet. Along the way, my luggage was lost THREE times! That makes four times in the last month, counting the disasterous trip to Holland, and I'm really getting a bit nervous about my next flying show. I'm very glad that I'm driving to Puyullap next weekend. FYI, when Southwest loses your luggage and you pick it up instead of having it delivered, they'll give you a $50 voucher. I got two vouchers on the Hampton trip, and had used a free ticket voucher to get there, so if I ignore the stress worrying about product in time for the show (it got there in time) I *did* come out ahead. So I guess I need to put on my big girl panties and stop whining. Yeah, like that's going to happen, LOL.
I've been so happy to be home this week. It's given me time to do some of the puttering around the house that has been ignored the last month. We made another attack on the woodpile, which is slowly decreasing. Cosmos got his teeth cleaned -- at least the dogs have dental care. I hauled out all the clothing that had spots and stains, and ran it all through a black dye bath. Good news is that the painted Blue Fish designs are not effected by the dye (a test for you, Teresa!). I got back to playing with my chatskies around the house. This is a wonderful little cupboard that MaryKay found at a Goodwill store, yet she managed to gift it to lucky me. Right now it holds some of my "Frida" stuff and some little dolls from Belize. The cloth party cat at the bottom is by Olive Rose. I bought it (I think) at Art Unraveled last year at Mary Kay's insistance, and I'm glad that she did every time I look at it.


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