Monday, November 24, 2008

Back from Madison today. It was a good show and good end to the season -- lots of happy people having a good time. Here's my car when I got up this morning to head to the airport.

Note to self: credit card or driving license makes a good, albeit small and cold, snow scraper
Then when I got to the Spokane airport, I tossed the luggage in the back of the card and hit the fire extinguisher. It filled the card with smoke, then disolved into a bunch of weird green power. Interesting. I'd never seen this before.
Finally, the bathroom upstairs sprung a leak in the toilet intake (thanks GAWD not the outtake) valve last week. We'd been trying unsuccessfully to dry out the rug for days by running a heater. (Yup, the ONLY warm room in the house is the one that not useable.) Well, mystery solved this evening. There was a secondary leak that came through the ground floor ceiling. Nothing like a good plumbing job to make pressing rubber look like a pretty fun job LOL. The TOILET is in the middle of the bathroom. sigh. So it's time for another Picture of the Batman.


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