Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's a SOCK! My very first!!
My friend, Karen came over from Marysville a couple of weeks ago for a Girls' Weekend. She was staying at Tina's house (yup, count 'em, I have TWO friends LOL), and we decided it would be a good time to introduce me to knitting socks. So we swung by the yarn shop and picked up all essentials. Tina truely is the Sock Queen. Her work is exquisite. Well, she said that I'd get bored with a simple sock, and picked out one with a lace pattern. After about 3 hours of her endlessly having to fix my errors, she seemed to have developed a bit of a twich in one eyelid. I know that the book said it was an easy pattern, but it had a bunch of YO (that's yarn over's to those of you out of the knitting loop -- excuse the pun), and purls, and I just couldn't seem to get the yarn on the correct side of the needle. Each needle was *supposed* to have 18 stitches, but sometimes mine had 17 and sometimes 19. Eventually Tina would say "yes, Linda, just add a stitch" or "yes, Linda it's OK to purl those two together" it is a bit of a mutant sock....and I'm pretty sure I turned it around and knitted the wrong direction for awhile, too, which explains the odd cuff in the middle. Regardless, I figure that no one is going to get close enough to my ankle to see the flaws.
Now for the heel :-O


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