Saturday, December 27, 2008

And here are today's pics

I can't get the pic to show the scale, but the longest icicles are about 4'.

It's not that we love Batman more than Cosmos. Despite many, many attempts, Cosmos is always a big black blob against a white background. For example,

If would help if we had some sunlight, but that's just a pleasant memory. LOL
...and to answer Aimmee in Ohio's question re: Batman's heritage, both of the boys are shelter dogs, so there's some supposition involved. We've pretty much decided that Batman is mostly Maltese, with just a touch of Yorkie to explain the black ears. He *looks* like a cute, cuddley ball of fluff, but this just disguises a grumpy old 7-pound man with Little Dog Sysndrome...but we love him, anyway. If you really need unconditional love, Cosmos is your "man".


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