Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I got back from the West Springfield show late last night. I leave for Collinsville on Thursday, so my two days are pretty much unpacking, pressing, trimming, re-packing....and maybe some laundry.
I took Cosmos to the vet this morning so here's his update....
Some good news, and some questionable. The bones are fusing as hoped, but the vet is concerned because he's not moving the leg or foot at all, so there *could* be nerve damage. Don't know yet, so we're saving that panic for later. He has a new contraption....less pins and wrapping, but added a splint to hold his foot up....Oops, the splint is not in the pic. The vet must have really good drugs.

He had to be carried to the car, then carried inside, and has been like this for 6 hours. We're starting some therapy to move his leg....as soon as he wakes up LOL. Water therapy was recommended, but he so hates to even get his feet wet that I think the stress of getting in a pool (assuming that we can even get him in deep enough to be of value) would offset the benefit.
Thanks to everyone who is following the sage. Coz, I Creighton and the Batman all appreciate your Good Wishes and Healthful Thoughts.

Yes, very good drugs. Cosmos is spending his day in the 1960's.


  1. Hi Linda
    Sorry to contact you through your blog, but having trouble getting in touch, any chance you could email me via my blog or website ??

  2. Poor Cosmos:( Hope he gets better soon....

  3. Sorry about your pup. I was glad you came to the Springfield show. I purchased several Alice stamps among others. How far are you from Seattle. I will be there in August.


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