Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm in the Phoenix airport, headed for the W. Springfield show. No new pics of Cosmos, but here's one from the
Audubon Valley on Oahu. The weather was crap most of the week, and we had no money for excursions, but we took a walk through the park one afternoon to see the flowers and feed the mosquitos.

I'm disappointed that the pic is so washed-out looking. Hope it looks better on your monitor. Gotta run for a flight now, so no time to fuss with it. Original looks much better. :-(
Cosmos Update...we've passed the half-way point on his pins and clamps. Only three weeks more and hopefully we'll switch to a cast. He's doing great -- he's gotten used to swinging his leg around so he can lay down on his own, and he's hopping around the yard with no issues. I'd intended to post a video, but it's rained all week, and he hates getting his feet wet, so the trips outside have been short and to the point. I really wish we could take off the Elizabethan collar, but I think it bothers me more than Coz. He looks like a cross between a bobble-head doll and Marty Feldman in "Young Frankenstein". "Walk this way, master". LOL

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