Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alamo car rental sign at the Rhinebeck airport.

The show was a yet another fairground. We should have left a trail of breadcrumbs to the show building...we got lost on our way out, and took a victory lap around the fairground racetrack...and on a similar note -- we were following our GPS directions back to the hotel Saturday night, winding down narrow roads in the dark, so when the GPS said "turn right", we did. The building on the corner had lots of lights on, and several cars around it, so we figured that it was a restaurant. Wrong. As we progressed on a gravel road toward our next direction "turn right in 800 yards" we passed a barn, a shed, fences, and as we came over a small rise, what appeared in the dark to be a cow pond. Uh-oh. So we cautiously turned around in what was now obviously a pasture, and quietly abandoned that route. :-)

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