Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here's a pic from last month that I'd forgotten post. It was Day One to Helsinki, making a connection in Frankfurt. I've stopped a Frankfurt so many times that it really is a no-brainer, but going through transit was a different matter. It's kinda like Heathrow, but not quite as bad -- At Heathrow, the gates for the rest of the day aren't posted until the plane is at the gate and ready for boarding, so the huddled masses hang around the monitors until the gate is displayed (usually Gate 586, located approximately near Hemmel Hampsted), and then haul ass like a herd of wildebeasts down the concourse, with, of course, at least one more security check...but I degress...Frankfurt is not THIS bad. I had 5 hours to wait, so I figured that the United Lounge would have early gate info, so I headed that way, and two hours later, after 3 trips through different passport checks, 2 Customs gates, and 2 security checkpoints, then down 6 flights of stairs to this, dare I say "tunnel"

to learn that my gate was back where I'd started. Sigh.

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