Thursday, August 20, 2015

Time for Some Spook in August

It's Nanette here with my first post at Lost Coaster's Review Design Team  blog! I toiled and troubled over what to make and then thought about what that phrase made me think of and of course, I arrived at a spooky make.  I think this is two of the most fabulous stamps ever from the awesome array found at Lost Coast Designs's sister site Carmen's Veranda!  The "Large Skull Shrine" and "Alfred Hitchcock Standing" caught my eye right away!  So adding the two together to create a shine for the master of horror was the obvious project for me.

I stamped the shrine in red Distress ink and Alfred himself in black first.  Next, my favorite working substance in the world some cardboard from a cereal box.  Glued the stamped images on the cardboard and left to dry.  Then to make the shrine, more cardboard, a little sturdier, with some masking tape and a simple box shape with a step took care of that.  Painted it brown and put some dark red paper on the back and walls.  The step is covered with an awesome piece of cardstock from my stash.

Now it was time for Mr. Hitchcock to take his place with his shrine.  So hot glued the shrine to the front of the box, added a couple of skulls (who doesn't need a skull or two laying around?), and a touch of glue at head and toes and he has found a temporary home!

The details on these stamps are truly amazing!  He is ready to snap the movie thingy and start filming!  I hope you will take a moment and thing outside the box (literally!) and see where these wonderful stamps can take you!

Please remember our August Challenge #15 is still going on and the theme is "Circles".  Our challenges can be found at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity to make it easy to play 
and find all our events and challenges in one place!

Meet you over there!


  1. Nan, love your project using these stamps...great Poe! I also love the detailed description from beginning to end....fantastic!

  2. Love your story, and yes, that shrine stamp is fabulous to play with.

    1. Thank you and as I have said, someone YOU get the story telling credit! I learned for the master...well, still learning in the baby stages LOL! hugsesxx


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