Sunday, March 27, 2016

Use a Coaster!

Hi, it's Nan again with a time old adage.  What all moms used to say "Use a Coaster!".  So with some cork coaster blanks and some fabulous stamps from Lost Coast Designs, I was off to the task at hand!  I love the new released "ATC Hands" including the "Pictograph Hand" and having four coasters and three hands...hmmmm?  The awesome Dictionary Words set with "Mystery, Hope, Eternity, and Goddess" was perfect for all those markings on the hands were a mystery to me :) 

To finish the set I made a holder out of a leftover cardboard (of course!) roll from some packing and wrapped with some freebie paper from Somerset Studios magazine with "MYSTERY" from the Misc. Words set stamped on the front.

Now I am all set for no watermarks on the table!  Come join us at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity for all the news and info on events and chances to win some money to spend at the stores!  All of our linkys are below and I hope to see you there!  

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  1. Let me pour you a drink and we'll try them out :)


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