Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays from Linda, Creighton, Cosmos and the Batman.

Creighton's pic is an old one. Snow is now up to the Scotty door handle.

Nothing like a new hat to put one in a festive mood.

Batman's antlers didn't show up well in the group pic, so here's a closeup of his Christmas ourfit from Mary Kay.

We're spending a quiet holiday here at home, kinda hunkered down and keeping warm. Went for a glorious walk late last night. Then celebrated with Burn After Reading DVD (HIGHLY recomended) and "movie style" popcorn. None of that 100-calorie crap on a holiday LOL.
I finished Creighton's sock about 3am. It doesn't fit :-( If any of you know a one-legged man with long-skinny feet and fat ankles, I could make him a hell of a deal LOL

Wishing the best of the season to all.


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