Friday, December 19, 2008

Whoo-Hoo! It's a BIG, BIG SNOW DAY!!
Creighton and I had been on holiday in Mexico, and I'd intended to post some pics of the week, but what's happening here is a lot more interested, IMHO, than another view of a beach. Remember how I'd whined that last year's lengthy snow in Spokane was just a fluke, and I'd be disappointed this year? Well, Creighton is not letting me forget that inane statement. I'm certainly getting my "snow fix" this week. We got back from Mexico very late at night, and were grumbling because we had to chip a few inches of ice/snow off the car before we could drive home (and then were locked out of the house, but that's another story). We were very lucky that we got back when we did. Shortly afterwards, began a "50-year storm" that has dumped over 2 feet of snow at our house. I only have a couple of pics from the car window and the back porch, cause I fell down the steps of the hotel when we left (it was dark, and the steps were black tile) and sprained my ankle. The snow has stopped for now, but another storm is coming in tomorrow night, and I expect to be out documenting it better than these pics. Creighton dug out the car and driveway so we could get to the post office this afternoon.

The bir feeder looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. LOL


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