Saturday, June 30, 2007

Creighton and I are road tripping to Kansas to visit his family and celebrate his folks' 50th wedding anniversary. Geez, I can't imagine being with anyone for 50 years (well, maybe George Clooney would have a chance -- I'd just stand him in the corner and look at him LOL). Fortunately, the pressure is off now, as a 50-year commitment is unlikely for me unless it includes an interim visit to the taxidermist.

I still haven't mastered mobile uploads, so we're going into the Archive. Today we present an old pic of Tigger in a relaxed moment.

I've decided to learn to play the banjo. I recently read that Steven van der Meer, is learning the banjo, and since he is my third non-related friend to play one, I took it as a Message From God that I, too, must go forth and do the same, despite the adage "Play a Banjo; Go to Jail". I got the Mel Bay book "You Can Teach Yourself the Banjo", so we'll just see if ol' Mel knows what he's talking about.

BTW, I am incapable of writing the code so Steven's web site is a hot link. I'm close, but no cigar. If anyone would send me that line of code, I'd really appreciate it.



  1. Wow, I think that's the exact same book that my cat put the dead shrew on for me. Here's the code you need:

    Meer Image Blog

  2. Oops, the code turned into an actual link... hmm, okay let's see if this will work. The following code has () parenthesis around each "<" and ">", so you have to remove all ()parenthesis to make it right.

    (<)a href=""(>)Meer Image Blog(<)/a(>)


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