Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hmmmm, Ten days since I last posted. Sure doesn't seen like that long ago. I'm now legally driving, so it's hasta la vista to public transportation. I had to take both the written test AND the driving test -- the first one since I was 17. YIKES! My tester lady was SCARY!! I think that driving testers fall into the same group as property tax collectors. The image of Dudley Dowright's Snidly Whiplash comes to mind. I wonder if those types of jobs just natually appeal to certain personality groups, or they become like that because of the job. Sounds like a potential Sociality Masters' Thesis to me. LOL
In celebration, we called the rest of the day Free Time, and spent it roaming around Spokane. We found this "antique" store stuffed with reproduction cast iron lawn ornaments. This one looks like the animals trying to escape....

I'd like to have a pair of the lions in my driveway.

And this gazebo would look mighty fine in the yard...but this month I think I'll pay the phone bill instead.
Then we had lunch here. Great burger; lousy fries.

and finished the afternoon with a really stupid movie. I won't say which is is...but I thought that John Travolta couldn't be in a dog of a movie. Well, I'm wrong again. It was worth $3.50 for the mindless entertainment (and believe me, I do have shallow taste when it coments to movies/books), but not $8 for an evening ticket.
Off to Orlando in the morning.


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  1. East St Louis?!!! even the "bad guys" don't like going there girl!


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