Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm in Springfield, and still no pics posted. I lost my driving license in Texas, so spent my few hours at home Thursday trying to get a new one. No luck. So I flew ito Boston this morning and had to make my way to Springfield on public transportation. It would have been a fun adventure if I hadn't been dragging 150 pounds of luggage along with me, but I'm here and booth is set up, so can't complain.
I DID get Cosmos to the vet. He got the stitches removed, and said goodbye to his plastic collar. He's a very happy boy again.
By the time I get my Pampa pic posted it will be a bit anti-climatic. It's a small town, but I spotted a sign for the Woody Guthrie Memorial Center. As an old-timey guitar player, I was pretty danged excited, had to make a visit. It was closed the days I was there, but I peered throug the windows and left lots of nose prints. Woody lived there in the 1930"s during his teen years, and worked at a soda shop which was later converted into this memorial center. Pic will go up on Tuesday.
Hope to see some of you at the show tomorrow.


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