Sunday, August 19, 2007

Geez, back in another airport, this time on my way to the Pennsauken show. Does it seem to you that I'm ALWAYS in airports? Sure feels that way to me. Since last posting, I've been down to Phoenix for the Art Unraveled show. All the ladies seemed to have a good time in the classes -- one of these years I'm going to treat myself to classes, also, but not this time. I got an AARP discount at the hotel, which included several drink coupons, so Paula and I shared them at the bar Saturday evening. It was nice to have a relaxing chat, as most of the time we're running in our out of the shows, with only time for "hi" and a hug. And Paula had spare breakfast coupons for me, so both ends of the day were covered. I thought it pleasantly wierd that AARP folks got the drinks but no breakfast, but that suited me better, anyway.
My Photoshop is on the fritz, and the cropping tool won't work, so I still haven't been able to post the felted bowl after Teresa got it to shrink. In the meantime, I've finished a display box for the booth, and started another Christmas present bowl. Pics in due time.
Otherwise it's been a mostly a mundane week of pressing and trimming rubber. We finally got one of the kitchen curtains up. It's taken two months, so I'd guess that project will be completed by Christmas if I keep up the current balance of whining/bitching.


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