Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm finally home from Novi, and already have next month's Pet Peeve on traveling. I don't understand why people deliberately crowd in boarding lines. Do they really think they're going to get there any faster? And what next? Thirteen items in the twelve items checkout line? What anarchy! ANARCHY, I tell you!! But the rest of that story next month...
None of you knew, or probably cared, that C and I been coveting a camper for a LONG time. After endless shopping, the stars aligned today, and we found the Perfect Camper right here in Spokane.

The GPS antenna on the top, and the Ashtech sign are in honor of the Z-12 receiver -- the finest GPS receiver ever made. Also, today we were hired back to Magellan as GPS it was an auspicious day in two ways.
You'll notice the Christmas lights left by the previous owners. Leaving lights up all year appears to be a Spokane tradition. Some even turn them on every night. I kinda like the idea that every day is a celebration. Reminds me of an old Rosanne Barr skit where she says that if she gets to the end of the day and the kids are still alive, she's done OK. I can relate to that.


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