Thursday, August 2, 2007

I was going to tell the yarn story first today, but 1)Paula beat me to it, and 2) in the meantime, Mary Kay was kind enough to send me a pic of my clothes abandoned in her dryer.

Yup, I'm sure it was a kind gesture...hey, wait a minute...was that a jab? OUCH! Yeah, it sure feels like a jab LOL
Anyway, back to the yarn story. I haven't been interested in yarn since about 25 years ago when I made 50 granny squares for an afgan, and then didn't have the temperment to deal with stitching all those wretched squares together. Too bad I didn't know 50 mice to gift with little afgans. Well, a couple of months ago Paula and Teresa, especially Teresa, innocently introduced me to felted knitting/crocheting, and unleashed to yarn money on my back. Thus far I've crocheted two bowls. Here's one before the felting .

It looked pretty much the same afterwards -- it got fuzzy, but didn't it's too floppy. Ditto on bowl number two. Ya know what they say about people who keep repeating the same failed procudure and expect to get diferent results.... Teresa currently has bowl #2 to see if she can get it to shrink.
These were made with Walmart and Joann's wool, so no big loss...however, the Dallas Yarn Frenzy has me stocked with high dollar yarns to screw up. Teresa, I'm counting on you :-)

Paula already posted our pic, but mine doesn't chop off Teresa LOL. It's me, Mary Kay, Paula and Teresa.

Next time I need to remember to stuff a hank of yarn under my chin. Hell, I might just have to carry one all the time. :-)
Paul's already described our day on her blog, and it's much better than I could do. We all had a grand time, and came away with great, albeit pricey, treasures.


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