Monday, August 6, 2007

Well, I'm sitting in the Detroit airport after the Novi show. I had a chance to voluntarily give up my early morning seat in exchange for another free round-trip ticket (at current prices, this is quite a prize. Most tickets are in the $500-$600 bracket)...but I'm here for most of the day. Can't post the pic, but Teresa did magic with my crocketed bowl, and it's beautiful. I'll post the pic soon.

So that leaves us with just dialog. I've been wanting to start a Pet Peeve of the Month, and this seems like a good time to start it -- no pic and in an airport; not pissed yet, but it's probably just a matter of time....and I'll be here for HOURS. It could easily be PP of the Week, but my New Year's resolution this year was to be a nicer person, so I set a tighter limit. I actually kept the resolution for about 6 days before I seriously want to bitch-slap someone, but, I didn't whack her, so it doesn't count.

You'll find that most of my peeves have something to do with traveling ( airports, hotels, convention center personnel, the all-powerful, get-them-out-of-the-gene-pool, your-tax-dollars-at-work TSA security), and this month we're going to start with Airport Baggage Claim Ediquette (which I can't spell--sure doesn't *look* right, anyway). Wouldn't it be nice if everyone just stood back from the carousel and waited until they spotted their luggage, and THEN approached to take it. Crowding around while your luggage hasn't even been unloaded isn't going to make it arrive any sooner. And when I can see mine, but you're in the way, so I'm jogging along in the background looking for a break in the mass of people so I can grab my luggage, it makes me cranky. And let's discuss the rugrats that also line up at the carousel along with mom and dad. It doesn't take all of you to get the bag. Really. And they don't need to pat each bag with a sticky fingers benediction as it passes. You might they're cute, but I don't. Finally, I'm probably tired, and most certainly cranky, and I'm trying to lift a 50-pound bin off the carousel. I'll try to not doink you or the kiddies, but I might not try too hard. So, next time you're getting your luggage, please keep these thoughts in mind, because ya never know, it could be ME next to you. LOL
Wow, I feel better. How long until next month :-)


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