Monday, December 24, 2007

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday, and High Hopes for the New Year to all from Linda, Creighton and the critters. Heat and water are restored. Today I bought one of the last four Christmas trees remaining in Spokane. Most of our tree decorations are still in Fort Bragg, and pickings were pretty slim today, but we're happy. My mother and Dakota are arriving tomorrow afternoon, so it's 16 hours and counting down. Still need to finish installing the carpet and moving furniture into the spare room.
Scheduled events for the week are:
1)The Great Meatloaf Cookoff (Home Ec)
2)Sock Golf (P.E.)
3)Baking dog biscuits (more Home Ec)
4)Making ornaments for my rather empty tree (Arts & Crafts)
5)Catapult construction (Engineering)
6)Lighting filings from defective mag plates (Science)
Hope to post pics of the final projects.


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